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Dan Evans


My Story

Dan Evans 

God fearing husband, father, dog lover and certifiable Funologist – That’s just a fancy way to say I love having fun and creating smiles. I really love what I do.

Born and raised in New Jersey, just a hop, skip, and a jump away from New York City. I had plans to grow-up and become a camera-man for “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” and travel the world. But all that changed when I was accepted into Bloomfield College and enrolled into class CAT-195 / Circus Arts.

Are you kidding me? A circus class in college – I thought this class would be an easy “A” for me because I already knew how to juggle. I taught myself how to juggle only to impress my big sisters’ female friends. It didn’t work, but I learned a skill that would serve me well for the rest of my life.

This circus class was so much more than I expected. I was sure the class was about circus skills and clowns but the real lessons being taught were life skills.


Reflecting on it now, I think a better name for the class could have been Life is a circus, Be the ringmaster. Teamwork, goal setting, time management, trusting myself, were just a few of the things that were required to pass this course and I’m glad to say that I not only passed the class but years later after receiving my BA degree in Television Broadcasting from MSU, I returned to Bloomfield College as an adjunct instructor to teach this amazing class.

My best laid plans to become that world traveling camera-man was redirected when I was asked to take part in an assembly school program. The excitement, curiosity, laughter and the smiles that came from those children as I was performing was the springboard for my entertainment career, and I dove in head first, or was it feet first…I don’t remember…anyway…


Since that day on I was committed to recreating that experience for as many people as I could. I started a birthday party business (Totally Zany, LLC), became a teaching artist for Two Too Far and Marquis Studios. I also became a member of the world famous Bond Street Theatre company. Although I never became a cameraman, I was able to travel and perform for people from all over the world, sharing laughs and creating smiles.

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Today, more than 28 years after performing for a few children in that assembly program; I have not lost my zeal for performing and want to share with others what I have learned from running away with the circus.

Quick Facts

About Dan

Fact #1

I love tennis and roller skating.

Fact #2

One of ten children – I had to find a way to stand out ?

Fact #3

I’m a former member of a boy band – Jersey Stylz

Don’t try to look for the album, my mother bought them all.

Circus Fact!

did you know?

The word jumbo, meaning large, entered the English language because of Jumbo, an 11-foot-tall elephant that the American showman PT Barnum bought from London Zoo.

Bring some of the circus home with you today!

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